Margin Trading

A Margin Trading is a way to leverage the capital and securities you own to purchase additional investments without having to invest any additional capital. You simply borrow from the Bank to buy more securities. Margin trading allows you to buy more stocks than you'd be able to buy under normal conditions.

The Bank uses all the stocks, those already in your margin account and stocks that you intend to buy, as collateral.

Meet your purpose:

  • Seylan Margin Trading offers an affordable margin loan facility to quench your investment thirst.
  • Having an enhanced opportunity to invest in quoted shares, you are able to diversify your investment.
  • Whether you are a small scale investor, a corporate body or a business magnate, Bank offers you this facility in commensurate with your present investment portfolio
  • Attractive interest rates:
  • We offer attractive interest rates that make your margin facility affordable and easier to repay.

Balance transfer facility:

  • Not satisfied with your existing margin provider? You can transfer your margin loan to us without any hassles.

Loan Amount:

  • From a minimum of LKR 1,000,000.00 upwards commensurate with the applicant’s share portfolio value.


  • Salaried employees
  • Professionals
  • Businessmen
  • Joint borrowers with spouse
  • Parents with Son/Daughter over 18 years of age or corporate bodies.