Debit Card

Seylan Debit Card gives the opportunity to take advantage of banking facilities both locally and internationally. 


  • Seylan Debit Card is available for both VISA and Mastercard. 
  • Hassle free cash withdrawal from any Visa/ Mastercard ATM. 
  • Pay to the point by Swiping / tapping your Card
  • E commerce transactions made with ease.   
  • Enjoy wide range of “Debit Card Promotions”.
  • Free “Travel Insurance” when you purchase your Air Ticket using yourDebit card. 

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Any Customer who maintain:

  • Rupee Savings Accounts : Regular savings, 2in1, Income Saver
  • A Current Account
  • Foreign Currency Savings Accounts: PFCA, BFCA



Amount LKR

Debit card annual fee

LKR 400/-

Debit card issuance fee

LKR 350/-

Card re- issue fee

LKR 350/-

Pin re issue fee

LKR 100/-

Lost card replacement fee

LKR 350/-

ATM withdrawal fee- Seylan ATMs

LKR 5/-

ATM withdrawal fee- other bank ATMs

LKR 60/-

ATM withdrawal  fee –Lanka pay  ATMs

LKR 30/-

ATM withdrawal fee - Foreign

LKR 500/-

Balance inquiry fee- Seylan ATMs


Balance inquiry fee- other bank ATMs

LKR 50/-

Balance inquiry fee-Lanka pay ATMs

LKR 7/50

Balance inquiry fee – Foreign 

LKR 50/-