Call Deposit – FCBU

Call Deposit gives you the opportunity to invest your Foreign Currency Funds on a Call Account, with a higher interest.


  • Invest for a minimum number of 7days. 
  • Attractive interest rate
  • Ability of obtaining an instant Loan / Overdraft against the deposit. 

Minimum Deposit: USD 10,000.00 or Equivalent from other designated currencies

Get started:

  • A non-national resident outside Sri Lanka
  • A non-national of Sri Lankan origin, who is a resident outside Sri Lanka
  • A firm or Company incorporated outside Sri Lanka
  • Locally incorporated companies registered with BOI, Sri Lanka which have been specifically permitted to transact with Off-shore Banking Unit of Banks.

Documents Required:

  • Company / Corporations/Organizations
  • National Identity Card
  • Board Resolution / meeting minutes

Note : Any other documents pertaining to the matter will be requested by the bank, to ensure better customer service in the future.