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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What is the minimum interest rate given for a savings account

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2. How can I activate my savings account?

To activate your existing savings account visit your account holding branch

3. Do I get a savings book for the 2in1 savings account?

No, a statement will be posted at the end of the month.

4. Can I obtain an Overdraft from the 2in1 current account?


5. What is the minimum balance to be maintained in a 2in1 account?

A minimum balance of LKR 1,000/- in the savings account and a minimum credit balance of LKR 10,000/- in the current account all the time.

6. Do I get a ATM card with my savings account?


7. How can I update my details?

Hand over the details to be updated to your account holding branch.

8. Can I receive my Savings Statement online?

Yes. Visit e-statement page for more details.

9. Once my first passbook finished from where can I get the second one?

You can get it from any Seylan Bank Branch.

10. What is Mega Raward and how can I qualify for it?

Please follow the link Mega Rewards

11. How do you calculate interest on Seylan Savings Accounts?

Interests are calculated daily and credited monthly.

12. How do I activate my savings account?

To activate your existing savings accounts visit your account holding branch along with your passbook & identity.

13. How do I get an interest for the 2in1 savings account?

Interest would be calculated on the closing balance of the Savings Account on a daily basis and credited to the Savings Account weekly.

14. What are the reasons for closing the 2in1 account?

  • Not maintaining the minimum balance in the Current Account (Rs 10,000/ at present) consecutively for more than three months or neglecting the account.
  • Prior to the closure of the accounts, a reasonable notice will be given for both accounts.

15. Could I obtain an ATM card for the 2in1 accounts?


16. Will I be eligible for Seylan Sure benefits?


17. When I open the 2in1 current account do I need to be introduced to the bank?


18. What is the minimum deposit to open a ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account ?

The account can be opened with an initial deposit of Rs.500/- at any Seylan Bank branch.

19. What is the minimum age limit to open a Tikiri Account?

A ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account can be opened for children below 15 years of age.

20. What are the documents needed to open a Tikiri Account?

  • A copy of the Birth Certificate has to be produced along with the Tikiri mandate.
  • Valid Identity card/ Driving License/ Passport of the parent or guardian.

21. How to make Deposits to a ‘Seylan Tikiri’ account?

  • Cash
  • Cheques
  • Internet Banking Transfers
  • Standing Orders
  • "SeylanTikiri" Gift Vouchers
  • SLIPS transfer
  • Remittances

22. Can Tikiri accounts be opened jointly?

These accounts will be opened in the name of the child. Joint accounts will not be permitted.

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26. What are the terms and conditions applied for trade finance?

Details and terms & conditions mentioned in this page may change from time to time. Please contact the nearest branch for prevailing details and terms & conditions

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