Accelerate Savings

Seylan Savings Account helps get amazing returns for all of your savings while you enjoy loads of benefits on your extra money. The only account that has been continuously rewarding customers with attractive interest rates and benefits for life, at times of joy and pain.

Maximize the usage of your account:


  • Sri Lankan citizens aged 18 years and above

Documentation requirement:

  • National Identity Card

Note: If the address differs from the given document a billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted. Other documents may be requested by the bank to ensure better customer service in the future.

How to Register:

Step 1:  Complete the Online Application

Step 2: Upload your National Identity Card & supporting proof documents.

Step 3: Submit.

Minimum Deposit:  to open the account 

  Super Branch Other Branch
Savings  LKR 10,000.00  LKR 2,000.00


Savings Accounts

Currency Code Minimum Balance Interest Rates Aer
US Dollar USD 25 2.0000
Sterling Pound GBP 15 1.0000
Euro EUR 20 0.5000
Australian Dollar AUD 35 2.0000
Japanese Yen JPY 2,850 0.1250
Swiss Franc CHF 35 0.1250
Singapore Dollar SGD 45 0.2500
Canadian Dollar CAD 30 1.5000
Norwegian Kroner NOK 200 0.2500
Danish Kroner DKK 175 0.2500
Swedish Kroner SEK 200 0.1500
Hong Kong Dollar HKD 200 0.1250
New Zealand Dollar NZD 35 1.0000
Chinese Yuan CNY 500 0.2500


To activate your existing savings account visit your account holding branch

No, a statement will be posted at the end of the month.


A minimum balance of LKR 1,000/- in the savings account and a minimum credit balance of LKR 10,000/- in the current account all the time.


Hand over the details to be updated to your account holding branch.

Yes. Visit e-statement page for more details.

You can get it from any Seylan Bank Branch.

Please follow the link Mega Rewards

Interests are calculated daily and credited monthly.