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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. What if I lose my Credit Card?

Loss of card should be immidiatly reported to our 24/7 Seylan Customer Care Centre via hoteline +94112008888 and should be follow up with a letter handed over to the nearest branch or via Internet Banking - User Message. Once reported, the customer will not be liable for any transactions performed subsequent to informing the loss of the card to the bank.

2. How long will it take to obtain a Seylan Credit Card?

It will take a minimum of 7 working days and maximum of 12 working days once the relevant documents are handed to the branch / sales officer.

3. How to calculate minimum payment of my Seylan Credit Card?

Minimum Payment = 5% of outstanding Purchases and Cash advancec + 100% of Interest rate, Fees and the Overdue amount (if any)

4. On what basis will the bank charge the Late payment Fee for Seylan Credit Card?

If the customer fails to pay the Minimum Payment on or before the due date.

5. On what basis is the over limit fee charge for Seylan Credit Card?

If the customer exceeds the apprvoed Credit Limit at any given date of the perticular billing cycle, an over limit fee will be charged.