Visa Remittance Card

Visa Remittance Card provides value and premium; ensuring that your loved one’s hard earned money reach you in the safest and fastest way possible. Receive money from abroad directly to your Remittance card in the most convenient way and enjoy range of benefits being the beneficiary/ receivers of foreign remittance.


  • Remittance will be credited to the card account real time as and when the transaction is originated.
  • SMS Alert upon receipt of the remittance.
  • Remittance can be withdrawn from any bank ATM (both here in Sri Lanka and abroad) at the recipient’s convenience.
  • Avail for Merchant discounts during seasonal promotions.
  • Eligibility to receive “Mega Rewards”benefits scheme.

Get Started:


  • Sri Lankan Citizens aged 18 years and above who receive remittances from abroad.

Documents Required:

  • National Identity Card
  • If the address differs from the given document, billing proof not less than 3 months should be submitted.

Note: Other documents may be requested by the bank to ensure better customer service in the future.

What is the Initial Deposit?

  • Initial deposit is not compulsory at the time of obtaining the Remittance Card. The desired deposit will be the inward remittance.

How to Receiving Remittance?

  • To receive remittance, you need to share the Remittance Account number with the sender.