Doctor Package

A special bundle package was developed for Doctors registered with the Sri Lanka Medical Council.

Product Special Additional Benefits for Doctors
Current Accounts
  • No annual fee to be charged for Internet and SMS banking for 5 years
  • Gold Debit Cards with no joining fee for first year
  • Free Debit Card (Gold Debit Cards no annual fee for first year)
  • Free internet & SMS banking. (For five years)
Credit Cards (Platinum Credit Cards to be issued)
  • No annual fee for first year.
  • No joining fee.
  • No over limit fee.
  • No cash advance fee.
  • Special seasonal holiday and travel packages
Travelers Cards
  • Issued Free of charge
  • Free travel insurance (If value loaded is USD 500 and above)


  • Members of Sri Lanka Medical Association Members of Sri Lanka Medical Council.

Terms and conditions

  1. Special benefits will be applied subject to submission of respective valid Identity Cards of members.
  2. All existing benefits which are associated to the above products will remain unchanged.
  3. Special benefits will be applied for existing customers as well.
  4. Special benefits will be applied with immediate effect until further notice.